The Hamamatsu Science Museum has been cultivating the creative and fertile scientific minds of children ever since it first opened in 1986.
In July of 2019, as it entered its 33rd year, the museum was reopened with a fresh new design and the nickname “Mirai-ra.”
For the new generations to come, this much-loved neighborhood science museum will be a facility that fosters scientific literacy in the community while also nurturing young science lovers and the talent on whose shoulders our future rests.

Operation Schedule

日頃より当館をご利用くださり、誠にありがとうございます。 資源エネルギー庁の公表に基づき、浜松科学館では2022年7月20日より、以下の期間、屋外サイエンスパーク「天のリバー」の夜間点灯を休止いたします。 点灯休止期間:2022年7月20日(水)〜8月31日(水)